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Only gods are worshipped unconditionally. People have to earn their love.

And Lady Gaga is only human - without question both deservedly famous and polarising, talented and fallible.

She attracts more fawning fanboyism than any artist with only two albums deserves, and just as much uninformed criticism from those who underestimate her.

So welcome to the middle - where we want the best from her... but good or bad, we'll take everything for what it is.

I'm 20, straight and Australian; part-time metalhead/pop fan, full-time music obsessive. I'm writing about every Madonna single here: The comparisons aren't entirely valid, but no one is more important than Madonna in understanding what Lady Gaga could be.

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No comment.

No comment.

Nicki Minaj feat. Eminem - Roman’s Revenge


This is every bit as deranged/amazing as you’d expect.

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This is probably how people who think Lady Gaga is a satanist see her. Terrifying.

One last thing: Poor Animal by Zola Jesus. Best pop song I’ve heard this year. Enjoy!

I already have a few ideas for when I’m back - a series on Gaga’s worst moments (done in good humour, of course), the fact that she really did “sell out” to get noticed, and some thoughts on how she relates to Die Antwoord…

But if you have any ideas or requests, ask away! Or just respond here… question mark so the answer option comes up?

I won’t be posting over the next week (a very short break by my standards) - sadly, just as I’m getting into a rhythm, I’ll be churning out far less interesting music-related assignments for uni that NO ONE will read! But I leave you a few things, firstly the best of so far…

  • An introduction for the newcomers, and the confused… judging from my inbox, there’s a lot of them!
  • You and I: unreleased, but Gaga’s best song to date?
  • Born This Way: anthem in the making?
  • Jay Sean: the failure of talent.
  • Reviewing Like a Prayer as performed by Lady Gaga in an alternate universe (also, the greatest pop song of all time and such).
  • And don’t forget, on Tumblr, a word is worth a thousand pictures

    If this isn’t a meme by the time I wake up, I will personally do the devouring.

    If this isn’t a meme by the time I wake up, I will personally do the devouring.


    I’ll say this again - my last post is in no way a criticism of Lady Gaga. She’s currently 24, two years/albums into her career; Madonna released her fourth album Like a Prayer at 31, 7 years after she debuted. So yes, they’re both Italian-American, (kind of) from New York, make rather intelligent pop music, have provoked/inspired the world with their fashion sense and have huge gay fanbases - but the similarities are superficial. Their functions in the broader world are similar, but their methods are totally different. Expecting one to do or be the other is ridiculous, but Gaga, I hope, may one day reach a similar level of greatness.

    I’m actually not trying to comment on either of the two - more the part of their two fanbases that doesn’t overlap. My generation, including myself just two years ago, has a big gap in knowledge when it comes to Madonna. And many who grew up with Madonna see Gaga as a plagiarist - but swap everyone’s birthdates around, and I guarantee the wannabes of the ’80s would be the little monsters of today, and vice versa. Problem is, if Gaga really did put out Like a Prayer tomorrow - the exact same song and video - everyone under 25 would shit themselves. And yet, it’s existed longer than us - long enough that it has a reputation - but the shitting isn’t happening!

    Lady Gaga Is Not The Messiah™: helping Generation Y little monsters shit themselves since 2010!

    Madonna sings Like a Virgin in 1984 - the original provocative VMAs performance.

    Seriously though: you cannot truly understand Lady Gaga without knowing what came before. Luckily, if you like one, you’ll almost certainly like the other! Under 25 and a huge Gaga fan? Start with the holy bible of pop music, The Immaculate Collection. Check out the videos! I myself have written at length about Madonna, in my opinion the single greatest popstar of all time, in the hope that, like me, not every clueless 20-year-old has to stay that way!

    You might think we have it good with Lady Gaga right now in 2010 - and we do! But she’s not the be-all and end-all - don’t let it stop you from rediscovering the classics… Who knows, in another 10 years, you might be reminding the kids about that Germanotta chick while Lola Leon rules the world.